How do people with permanent crash injuries obtain compensation?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Personal Injury

Many of the people injured in Michigan car crashes are fortunate in that their crash only causes a temporary injury, like a broken bone. Sadly, not every collision produces minor injuries. Some people lose body parts, suffer spinal cord injuries or develop traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as a result of a collision.

Such traumatic injuries not only require immediate emergency medical care but also result in lasting consequences for the affected individual. They may require routine medical care for the rest of their lives and may have diminished earning potential, if they can return to work at all. Thankfully, under many circumstances, there are ways that someone with a serious and likely very expensive injury caused by a collision can obtain compensation for those permanent injuries.

Filing an insurance claim

Motorists in Michigan carry a combination of no-fault coverage and liability insurance. The policy of the person who was hurt and the policy of the person who caused the crash can each play an important role in covering someone’s expenses. No-fault reform rules in Michigan might mean that the person with the permanent injury does not have unlimited no-fault coverage.

Still, the no-fault coverage they do have will be their first line of defense against medical expenses and possibly lost wages. Provided that the driver who caused the crash has bodily injury liability coverage, a secondary claim against their policy could also be an option if no-fault coverage isn’t enough for the total expenses generated by the permanent injury.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit

Michigan has one of the highest rates of uninsured motorists in the country, in part because of how expensive no-fault coverage can be. Some people without enough coverage on their own policy or hurt in a crash caused by someone without a policy will need to take the matter to civil court. A personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault or a third party with legal responsibility for the wreck can provide more compensation for those worried about the lifetime consequences of a recent injury.

Knowing the two most common and effective means of securing compensation for a permanent injury may benefit those harmed in a recent Michigan wreck. Seeking legal guidance can provide a crash victim with additional clarity and support.