Railroad Negligence And FELA

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) was specifically designed to protect wronged railroad workers who sustain personal injuries. Because this law is complex, it is critical to hire FELA and railroad injury lawyers with litigating experience in both state and federal courts.

The Upper Peninsula lawyers of Petrucelli & Waara, PC understand the complexities of the law. Our lawyers represent engineers, brakemen, switchmen and other railroad employees, wherever they are in the United States, to ensure they are appropriately compensated for on-the-job railroad injuries.

To be compensated for railroad injuries you need qualified legal help. Our experienced trial lawyers recognize the differences between FELA and state worker’s compensation law. Qualified FELA lawyers know that in order to compensate victims with railroad injuries, they need to demonstrate that the railroad caused or contributed to these injuries. Under state worker’s compensation law, no such proof is required.

The lawyers at Petrucelli & Waara, PC are experienced with recovering damages for their clients’ railroad injuries. The first step is establishing negligence on the part of the railroad.

The injured railroad worker must demonstrate that the railroad failed to provide a reasonably safe place to work. When filing these lawsuits, our attorneys know that their clients’ compensation for their railroad injury will be far greater than they would be under regular workers’ compensation law.

While not every case goes to trial, the attorneys at Petrucelli & Waara, PC will work hard to ensure that every railroad worker is compensated adequately for his or her injuries.

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