2 forms of negligence that could lead to commercial truck crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Although large trucks help keep transportation costs low for domestic businesses, they significantly increase the risk that comes from driving. Commercial vehicles like semi-trucks are responsible for causing some of the worst collisions that occur on today’s roads. They are so heavy and powerful that they can damage numerous vehicles before coming to a complete stop.

Collisions involving passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles often cause major damage to the smaller vehicle and serious injuries to its occupants. Sometimes, negligence is to blame for the commercial vehicle colliding with a passenger vehicle. What are two forms of negligence that might lead to commercial vehicle wrecks?

  1. Poor choices on the part of the driver

Commercial drivers have special training and professional licenses, so they are well aware of the risks involved with operating a large truck. Unfortunately, truck drivers sometimes make errors in judgment or let momentary whims, like the desire to communicate with family members, overpower their better judgment and lead to them making dangerous decisions, like deciding to read or write a text message while in control of a commercial vehicle.

According to an analysis of what causes commercial vehicle collisions with commercial vehicles performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the person in control of the commercial vehicle is the one at fault for the crash slightly more than half of the time.

Distraction, chemical impairment and driving too fast for road conditions are all common negligent behaviors that affect commercial traffic safety. Making the wrong decision and failing to recognize changing traffic conditions account for roughly two-thirds of crashes caused by big trucks.

  1. Improper fleet maintenance

When you look at those crash causations statistics, you will see that 8% of the crashes caused by commercial trucks are the results of a problem with the vehicle. Commercial transportation companies should carefully maintain the vehicles in their fleets to ensure they can deliver their loads safely. Bad brakes, balding tires and other maintenance issues could easily be the underlying cause of a commercial vehicle wreck.

Negligence that causes a crash may lead to civil litigation or at least an insurance claim. Evaluating your situation for signs of negligence can help you pursue justice after a crash with a commercial truck.